Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Live Oak Trail

Happy New Year to one and all! To start things off on the right foot for 2010 (ha, ha) the Ticklers went for a beautiful hike in O'Neill Park. Joining us were my favorite man and beast: David and Abby.
As you can see, the Live Oak trail was a beautiful place to be, especially on such a perfect Southern California- in- the- winter day.
While the park information page said dogs were allowed, when we got to the summit and the decision was made to try a different trail back to the car than retracing our steps, we noted that some of the trails sported signs stating dogs were not allowed. One trail, that we were sure was the one we needed to be on, had a sign depicting a dog sitting with a "not allowed" circle over it. In an effort to obey the sign, Martine and I were about to claim defeat and turn around and head back the way we had come up the mountain. But never fear, we had Dave with us, and I should know by now not to underestimate the powers of his legal mind. He informed us that the sign stated that "sitting dogs" were not allowed on the trail, and that as long as we did not curb our dog (I'm not sure what that means, but it sounded impressive!), Abby was allowed on the trail. I love that man! So down we headed, making sure that we did not let Abby sit, and enjoyed a truly beautiful part of O'Neill Park. Once down the hill we walked under beautiful oak trees that created shade and quiet and serenity.
The hike was a bit strenuous, with a 600 foot elevation gain in about 1 mile, but it was definitely worth the effort. Beautiful scenery and fun conversation, a bit of civil disobedience that Martine and I are still chuckling about...what more could you ask for?!

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