Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Aquabats!

How could I not post this photo!? Evan is front left and Colin is on the right. Behind right is Dane and Travis in above Col and Ev. They were Aquabats for Halloween. Thanks to Aunt Susie for the hoodies!

The journey continues...

Yesterday Evan received his driver's license. I am still in a bit of shock. How could this happen so quickly. It seem as if it were just a short time ago that I held him, so recently from heaven, through that Christmas eve night. His head covered with bruising, his eyelids dark purple and his eye a deep blood red; the aftermath of a difficult delivery. Yet there he slept, the most beautiful and perfect soul. Our family's Christmas gift, safely from God's arms to ours. Now it is our turn to let him go, to grow up and learn those things that must be learned alone. But not quite alone, because I will always be there reminding him to be careful.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Thanksgiving Week!

Things were jumping around the house this Thanksgiving week! Thanks to GGUSD furlow days, we had the whole week to play and enjoy the season. My parents were down and Mike and Chelsie and Rusty joined in from Chico. And, we were able to get together with extended family to celebrate a few birthdays. For some fun, we created orange-clove pomanders. As you can see it was dangerous work by the way Evan is protecting his eyes.
Plenty of projects kept us busy. Mom, Chelsie and I made 14 more felt covered soaps. We tried out some new recipes- my favorite was the flourless chocolate cake, good grief, it was really yummy. And I discovered that if you put a little creme fraisch (sp) or sour cream into your whipped cream and powdered sugar at the start, it will be nice and thick, and stay that way. Mike brined the turkey, which was fantastic.
Early on Thanksgiving morning, David, Mike and I drove down to Dana Point to participate in the Turkey Trot! The proceeds go to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. It couldn't have been a prettier morning. The sky was crystal clear and the sun was out. We, and 10,000 others were out enjoying the festivities. Quite a few people dressed up, so we got to see a lot of turkeys and chefs running around. Dave and Mike ran the 10k. My 5k didn't start until they were done, so graciously, they joined me for a nice stretch out walk.
No, it didn't take us 1 hour 5 minutes to walk! That is just how long it had been since the race started:] Jeepers, I'm not that slow!
Then we hiked back to our car, which might have been farther that the original 5k, and headed home to get things cooking for the feast. Everyone helped and everything was delicious. I have so much to be thankful for! Family, friends, the knowledge of the Plan of Happiness, and so many little things that make my live lovely.
Even clean up from the feast was a breeze!