Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The journey continues...

Yesterday Evan received his driver's license. I am still in a bit of shock. How could this happen so quickly. It seem as if it were just a short time ago that I held him, so recently from heaven, through that Christmas eve night. His head covered with bruising, his eyelids dark purple and his eye a deep blood red; the aftermath of a difficult delivery. Yet there he slept, the most beautiful and perfect soul. Our family's Christmas gift, safely from God's arms to ours. Now it is our turn to let him go, to grow up and learn those things that must be learned alone. But not quite alone, because I will always be there reminding him to be careful.

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  1. heehe... watch out ladies! Here comes Evan! Just kiddign! Sorry we missed the big day. In other news, there is a very happy Jack at our house becuase of a recent package. And, I love my flannel soap. Thanks!