Saturday, May 29, 2010


It is Friday evening, seminary is over for the year and I have this glorious chance to lie on the trampoline, read my hike book and look up into the apricot tree at the hummingbirds zip around. Aaaahhh. This is contentment.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

BABIES - Official Trailer [HD]

I saw this preview and fell in love with these babies. What an amazing world we live in with so many different traditions and ways of life, yet with one goal; to raise the children of the world in love, and with a hope that we can make it a tiny bit better for each generation. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holy Jim Trail

Mom and I had a great adventure-the two of us hiked the Holy Jim falls trail and lived to tell about it. Actually the trail was beautiful and not that hard to hike. We did have to cross the stream 10 times which was tricky and really fun, but the incline was not very steep, and we were under live oaks most of the time, enjoying their shade and wild flowers were all around us. There was one wall of a cliff that was covered with ferns; and interesting juxtaposition to the neighboring cliff wall which was bare except for the cactus that was growing along its foot. The challenging part of this trip was the 4 mile drive to get to the trail head. Those 4 miles took 45 minutes to travel, with the last mile taking 14 minutes. It was terrible. The Jeep has new creaks, but she made it through a continuous road of huge potholes, rivers, and 20 foot wide mud puddles, whose depths we will never know. The best part was being with my mom, the newest Tickler!

Never seen that before!

Irrefutable proof that the street sweeper was doing donuts in front of my house. This was a red letter day:-)