Monday, February 14, 2011

New goals for a new year!

This year I have decided to try out new things. Nothing too dare-devilish, more on the just nice side! So far I have taken a class on sauces for meat at the Laguna Culinary Arts School-super fun, made a cloth shopping bag-you will want one, and as of last Thursday: I'm not going to the store for anything except milk and fresh fruit/veggies for one week. The tricky part with this goal is that prior to my big decision, I neglected to check out our bread supply, which consisted of 2 heels. So on Friday I was busy making whole wheat bread and hiding it so it would be used for sandwiches, not snacking. The excitement also increased when Evan invited 4 of his friends over for Sunday dinner. The great news is that my refrigerator is looking less stuffed (by a ton) and now I will be able to use my imagination in creating dinners and lunches for the next 4 day. I know I can do it- that is partly why I chose this challenge. We buy too much stuff and there it sits. It is kind of a spring cleaning/muscle stretching for the cook- ie me:) This goal also includes not purchasing things for everyday use, like crafts, cleaning, seminary, and so on...! The neat thing that I have already discovered is how much more I appreciate gifts that are given to me! A sweet couple brought over a Valentine cone with candy inside. What a windfall! I hadn't bought candy for the holiday prior to my decision-how fun it was to be the recipients of some. It has only been 4 days and I'm already seeing the benefits.

Everyone- have a wonderful week!