Monday, February 14, 2011

New goals for a new year!

This year I have decided to try out new things. Nothing too dare-devilish, more on the just nice side! So far I have taken a class on sauces for meat at the Laguna Culinary Arts School-super fun, made a cloth shopping bag-you will want one, and as of last Thursday: I'm not going to the store for anything except milk and fresh fruit/veggies for one week. The tricky part with this goal is that prior to my big decision, I neglected to check out our bread supply, which consisted of 2 heels. So on Friday I was busy making whole wheat bread and hiding it so it would be used for sandwiches, not snacking. The excitement also increased when Evan invited 4 of his friends over for Sunday dinner. The great news is that my refrigerator is looking less stuffed (by a ton) and now I will be able to use my imagination in creating dinners and lunches for the next 4 day. I know I can do it- that is partly why I chose this challenge. We buy too much stuff and there it sits. It is kind of a spring cleaning/muscle stretching for the cook- ie me:) This goal also includes not purchasing things for everyday use, like crafts, cleaning, seminary, and so on...! The neat thing that I have already discovered is how much more I appreciate gifts that are given to me! A sweet couple brought over a Valentine cone with candy inside. What a windfall! I hadn't bought candy for the holiday prior to my decision-how fun it was to be the recipients of some. It has only been 4 days and I'm already seeing the benefits.

Everyone- have a wonderful week!


  1. I was hoping for an Isn't that Pretty on the SHOTGUN!!

  2. Hi Kelli! I'm visiting Ali and we were sad that Lindsey had to be in the middle of studying and finals...but glad I'll see her in July! I will probably be down around 7/14 to play before my gang goes into the beach house on 7/22 and of course I plan to welcome Colin home on 21st if that is still the date. I'm visiting the buy household until May 17 and then home for part 2 of my sewing room makeover! Laminate floor is already installed and cabinets come on May 25! Hugs to all of you and a special Mother's Day wish to you! Love, Margaret