Saturday, October 31, 2009

scrambled for me, please

The day we have been waiting 6 months for has come at last! One of our chickens layed her first egg. It is green, so we are thinking it was from the huge Araucana chick, affectionately called el Heffe. The festivities started this morning when we heard an outburst of clucking,(more like death clucking), along with the happy barking of Mike and Chelsie's dog Rusty. (They all got in late last night and Rusty is a mini pincer, about the size of very small cat.) Somehow, as Rusty charged towards the chicken's enclosed yard, 2 of the birds escaped, perhaps through a loose spot of chicken wire (which is now firmly tacked down) by the hen house. Rusty was in heaven as he chased a Barred Rock around the yard. Dave and I were after the three of them, Dave catching the one chicken while I followed Rusty and the second chicken down the side of the house to the gate where, in a huge flurry of fur and feathers, I grabbed Rusty, Rusty grabbed the chicken, and the chicken dove between my legs towards freedom, leaving behind a very nice mouthful of feathers. Dave had to scoop the chicken out of the pool, which is where she landed after her evasive moves behind me, and got her back into the coop. It was then he spotted the lovely little green egg outside the chicken's door to their yard. The question is; was the egg there before the dog incident or was it scared out by Rusty??? A bedeviling question for your Halloween enjoyment! Omelets anyone?!

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