Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Day is Ours!!!

This was an inspirational day! I am so grateful that a few of my friends were able to join in on hike #2 and start my Quest off on the right foot (ha,ha). Martine, Melinda, Sue and Suzanne were brave enough to join me as we hit the loop at Newport Back Bay with only a small guide book to lead us. There was only momentary worry, when the instructions said to look for "an eroded trail heading uphill to the left" and we realized that the book was 10 years old. But honestly, how much erosion could happen on a So Cal bluff in 10 years? We found the trail, we climbed the trail, and we conquered the trail! Erosion and all. And I realized as I was climbing that, just as most things are in life, things aren't as scary as we think they are, once we jump in.

The weather was beautiful, the conversation was delightful, there were no ticks and the time passed much too quickly. I'm already excited for the next gathering of the Trail Ticklers. Which by the way will be the No Name Ridge by Crystal Cove State Park at the end of the month. There is always room for another Tickler! And what do you think about bringing a sack lunch?

My biggest lesson of the day? Things are much more fun, interesting and enjoyable when you are surrounded with kind people.

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  1. Cheers for all of you. Cute picture, everyone looks like they're having fun. Did you carry a compass?