Tuesday, November 9, 2010

knoodles for kids

Speaking of pasta...On the radio and in the paper this week were articles about Bruno Serato, the owner and chef at the White House in Anaheim. It is a very nice restaurant, serving Italian food to the elite of the area. More importantly is that Bruno, since 2005, while feeding those elite, has also been feeding local children who live in motels. These children receive free or very reduced priced breakfast and lunch at their schools, but went hungry until the next morning. Six nights a week, Bruno cooks pasta for 150 of the city's poorest youth. People Magazine has recognized Bruno and this week KFI, the LA radio station, did a fundraiser during the Bill Handel show, raising thousands of dollars for the cause. But I am sure the money won't last long. (I know first hand how much pasta kids can go through!) The last year's depressed economy saw the number of children needing help double. And after my experiences of the past few months trying to help a woman who is forced to live in a motel, my eyes have been opened to a few of the troubles, stresses, and feelings of hopelessness that are so pervasive among people who struggle at the brink for survival.

I hear us asking "But what can I do? The problem is so huge that making a difference seems impossible". May I suggest looking over Bruno's web-site at http://anaheimwhitehouse.com/about/caterina.php Watch the video, then click on the Caterina's Club link on the left.

It is inspiring to see how 1 man could start Caterina's Club and through it spread hope and love to so many children here in our own community. I'm sure there are other like minded groups- if you know about one, please let me know!

For today, I am going to take Bruno a few boxes of pasta.

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