Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letting my joy show!

Can I take just a moment and express my pride for Lindsey and her rugby years? I can't help but get a bit emotional when I think of her running around the field, knocking over women twice her size, and scrumming with the best of the NCAA for 4 years with the Womens Cougar Rugby Team. This team has gained great recognition this year due to forfeiting their chance to be U.S. champions because they would not play on Sunday. Their decision was difficult and honorable, and I am grateful for their example to thousands of people who understand the power of Sabbath day observance. I truly feel that they were able to make that decision because of the years of similar decisions to not play on Sunday that had been made by the players who came before them. Lindsey was one of those players. Thank you Lindsey, for putting character in front of fame and obedience before pride. That's my girl!

Your can still see some photos of Lindsey at the team web