Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter In Chico

We drove up to visit Chico this past weekend to be with Mike and Chelsie for Easter. The trip was much prettier than usual along the I-5 because of the amazing wild flowers that were in bloom. I have never seen so much lupine in my life. The poppies were starting to come out and there were blankets of some yellow flower covering almost every hill. And the hills...were actually green.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Pea Soup Anderson's for the traditional Hap-pea and Pea-wee photo. Evan is perfecting his "trepidation" look.
Saturday morning brought our "Visit to the Market" where we love to see what the farmers and tradespeople have been working on. The Veggies were amazing. Even I was in awe of the beet display. My mom will be ecstatic to hear that I actually liked the yellow beets that we bought and cooked. (I must be growing up:-))

Beets, flowers cheese, pistachios, dried apricots, asparagus, scones and buns-all were delicious. But the best part was to see Mike and Chelsie.

Happy Easter to you all.

"He Lives"


  1. 1. Jealous of the farmers market, cant wait for mine to come back
    2. Diggin Evan's letterman jacket
    3. Pea Soup Anderson photo is HILARIOUS :D

  2. I absolutely agree that Evan's face is the highlight of the post. Thanks for putting up this fun post!