Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As we near the the end of a rainy season where it actually rained- we are seeing the first signs of spring popping out in the yard. All the fruit trees are dressed in their beautiful blossoms, luring bees and hummingbirds for a quick visit. We are pleased to announce the arrival of 2 new trees to the back yard; a Japanese plum and a Pluot. The neighbor's removal of 2 very huge and rather dead looking pine trees has brought sunlight back to the back yard, and the planting of new things in ours.
My two little strawberry plants are sporting fruit, (yippeee!) and tomatoes have been planted. Potatoes are sprouting near the chicken coop, with some purple seed potatoes to soon join the others. A new artichoke (Dave's new favorite perennial) red onions, peas, and rainbow kale round out this month's plantings. The seeds are finally starting to sprout, so more tomatoes-one is a purple variety- are on their way along with Cinderella pumpkins and a few squash for good measure.
I can hear you asking: "Where are all these things going?" Excellent question. We have removed a few non edible shrubs which freed up quite a bit of space. We have also extended the flower boarder in the front yard to use for some of the fruits and veggies. The idea is to introduce more edible plantings among the inedible, creating a Disney like garden of the future:-) This will be an adventure for sure, and hopefully, a tasty one.
The Master Gardener lady taught us a new technical term: Crack. When the buds on a tree are about to emerge, it is said that the tree is about to crack. There you go!

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  1. I should have seen this coming based on your previous post about using the land to grow what we need :) Hopefully some apricots will make it our way?!? That were amazing when we ate them two summers ago! I am getting ancy for our fruit trees. Hopefully we'll BOTH have success!!