Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wagon Wheel Loop

Welcome to the Wagon Wheel Loop trail, just outside Coto De Caza. This park had a very sweet butterfly garden and interactive activities for youngsters to enjoy. The trails are open to bikes and horses along with hikers, but were not overly worn out. There are supposedly quite a few deer in the area, one buck with 7 tips according to one biker, but we didn't see any. And where there are deer there are mt. lions, but we didn't see any of them either. The big excitement of this hike was to once again have Melinda with us!
It was on this hike that Melinda showed her expertise in scatology, earning her the important post of the Trail Tickler's official "Scatologist". We are very proud of her.
She educated us along the trail with interjections, such as: "This is from an animal that eats grass". Martine and I were truly enlightened.

So here we are, at the top, for our official Tickler Christmas photo.
This is our tenth hike, and to celebrate, Martine avoided illegal activity, Melinda made a new friend, and I read the book carefully so we didn't get lost. Not even once.
In short, it was a perfect hike.

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