Monday, July 27, 2009

now, bring us some figgy pudding...

I am experimenting with a new fruit, figs. This summer a friend and I are watching over another friend's garden while she spends the summer on her olive and pomegranate farm in Casablanca. (Yes, the real one in Morocco.) Fortunately for me, her figs are beginning to ripen in her Garden Grove garden and so naturally must be picked. Otherwise they fall off the tree in a spectacular ploppy-smushy way that is not pleasant to pick up. Lindsey and I enjoyed our first harvest of figs, drizzled with honey, broiled and adorned with blue cheese, topping whole wheat cracker rounds. They were surprisingly delicious. Now the question: do you have any fig recipes I could try? You can send your favorite recipe or idea to my e-mail at .

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